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Long-term Follow-up for SRI-resistant OCD


First published in Psychiatry Weekly, Volume 5, Issue 14, on June 14, 2010

A long-term follow-up analysis in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology discussed predictors of remission for patients with SRI-resistant OCD. SRI resistance was defined as non-response to ≥2 courses of an SRI. Thirty-six SRI nonresponders with OCD were examined 4.5 years after study baseline, of which 14 (39%) were in remission, 4 (11%) in full remission, and 10 (28%) in partial remission. Factors associated with poor outcome at follow-up included no CBT between study baseline and follow-up, later age at onset, and poorer quality of life at study baseline. The authors suggest that SRI nonresponders may nevertheless respond well to continued medication and CBT. http://journals.lww.com/psychopharmacology/Abstract/2010/06000/Long_Term_Follow_Up_Study_of_Patients_With.8.aspx