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Psychiatry Weekly is the first weekly psychiatric news, information, and education service in the country for clinicians providing mental health services. The service includes a weekly poster distributed to hospitals nationwide, a weekly e-Newsletter, and this website, which is consistently updated with features, clinician interviews, and breaking news.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Depression: One-Year Durability of Response and Remission

Following an acute treatment trial of TMS for depression with response and remission rates of 58% and 37.1%, respectively, a follow-up trial of the same sample found that over half of responders and 70% of remitters maintained symptomatic improvement after 1 year.


Antidepressant Monotherapy for Bipolar Depression & Risk of Mania

Although most researchers have agreed that the phenomenon of antidepressant-induced switching to mania is real, some have argued that it could be independent of any antidepressant treatment. This study found, however, that the incidence of mania was greater during periods of antidepressant monotherapy.