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Psychiatry Weekly is the first weekly psychiatric news, information, and education service in the country for clinicians providing mental health services. The service includes a weekly poster distributed to hospitals nationwide, a weekly e-Newsletter, and this website, which is consistently updated with features, clinician interviews, and breaking news.


The Mental Health Effects in Children of Personal and Familial HIV Infection

There is a strong literature base addressing the needs of children with HIV, but fewer studies have examined the issues of children who are “affected” by HIV, ie, living with a parent or caregiver with HIV.


Brain Circuit Abnormalities and Delayed and Deviant Cognitive Control in ASDs

Cognitive control, which can function “proactively”—with an early focus on goals that bias attention, perception, and actions—and “reactively”— whereby attention is allocated as a late correction in response to conflict—is increasingly recognized as a core symptom domain of persons with autism spectrum disorders.