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Psychiatry Weekly is the first weekly psychiatric news, information, and education service in the country for clinicians providing mental health services. The service includes a weekly poster distributed to hospitals nationwide, a weekly e-Newsletter, and this website, which is consistently updated with features, clinician interviews, and breaking news.


Origins to Outcomes: How Childhood Mental Health Affects Adulthood Functioning

New findings from Dr. William Copeland and colleagues now suggest that the challenges of childhood mental disorders are not relegated to early life and adolescence, and may, in fact, affect individuals’ lives well into adulthood.


Newborn Infant Behaviors Following In Utero Exposure to SSRIs and Maternal Depression

We devised our own study of infants’ neurobehavior following in utero exposure to maternal depression (with and without pharmacological treatment) with a goal of measuring these infant behaviors with a standardized exam over the first postnatal month.