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Psychiatry Weekly is the first weekly psychiatric news, information, and education service in the country for clinicians providing mental health services. The service includes a weekly poster distributed to hospitals nationwide, a weekly e-Newsletter, and this website, which is consistently updated with features, clinician interviews, and breaking news.


Preventing Relapse with Adjunctive CBT in Pediatric Depression

Children and adolescents with pediatric depression commonly experience an initial response to acute treatment, and even short-term remission of symptoms. Long-term relapse rates, however, can range from 40%–70% during maintenance treatment, leading Dr. Kennard and colleagues to test continuation phase treatment with add-on CBT for pediatric depression.


Clonidine, and Prolonging Opiate Abstinence By Reducing Stress-Induced Craving

Because blocking two types of relapse may be better than one, Dr. Kowalczyk and colleagues designed a clinical trial to look specifically at how clonidine might help people during buprenorphine maintenance.