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Psychiatry Weekly is the first weekly psychiatric news, information, and education service in the country for clinicians providing mental health services. The service includes a weekly poster distributed to hospitals nationwide, a weekly e-Newsletter, and this website, which is consistently updated with features, clinician interviews, and breaking news.


One-Year Mother and Baby Outcomes Following Antipsychotic Use in Pregnancy

Women of childbearing age form one of the most highly represented cohorts among people with a current psychiatric disorder. Yet there is a highly disproportionate lack of evidence on managing more severe mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder or psychotic disorders, during pregnancy and the antenatal period.


Gabapentin for Neuroleptic-Induced Akathisia: A Report

This small experiment began serendipitously when one a private patient forgot to take his 1200 mg/nightly dose of gabapentin while receiving concurrent treatment with quetiapine, and the patient subsequently experienced a dramatic worsening of akathisia that did not abate until he took gabapentin.